Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Marquis (LV, NV)

The Marquis, was chosen as "The Home of the Year 2009" to teach over 90,000 builders what the future holds for "green" and "smart" homes.

The Department of Energy from Wash. D.C. and Microsoft partnered with them to custom build the most efficient and sustainable homes in today's marketplace.

The Marquis ranked in the top .05% of green homes built in the world!

Wall Street Journal: "This New American Home was showcased at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas earlier this year and boasted plenty of cosmetic perks but it was the stuff hidden behind the walls (and on the roof and in the basement) that I coveted most. It had an internal home-automation system that ran the TVs, stereo and security systems from one central interface -- or an iPhone."

Check them out at http://blueheronliving.com/projects_marquislasvegas.html

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