Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fruits and Veggies

A Vegetarian Test Drive

How About a One-Month Trial for Being a Veggie?

Have you ever been curious about what it would be like to be a vegetarian? Every parent’s dream come true, September has been deemed as Fruits & Veggies month by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services. So it is recommended that you decrease or eliminate your consumption of animal products, and try dieting with a program of primarily fresh grown produce. Perhaps you already indulge in a variety of fruits and veggies? Why not make it a formal test program for four weeks, evaluating how you feel at the end?

What to consider when shopping

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) the market for organic produce is a booming industry. ‘Organic’ has become a word popular amongst numerous household, as the shift to a healthier lifestyle extends beyond the rich and famous. So, next time you go grocery shopping spend extra time in the produce aisles, research the vegetables and check out the variety of available fruits. You may even find some organic products, and choose to make the switch from conventional produce.

Top Tips

Look for recipe cards. It is important to prepare your fruits and veggies in a wide array of styles in order to avoid boredom.

There are no federal regulations that can control fraudulent organic labels produced by private vendors, thus look for USDA Organic labels.

When shopping, buy only the quantity of produce you can consume before it goes bad. Wasting food is never good. Unless you can compost it!

Shop with reusable bags.


… to your wallet

Purchasing more fruits and veggies, while decreasing your consumption of meats, will save you a significant amount of money on groceries. In addition, if you choose to shop locally, you’ll be investing your money in your community and delicious organic produce!

… to your health

According to the CDC, people who frequently eat fruits and vegetable are likely to have reduced risk of chronic diseases, including stroke and perhaps other cardiovascular diseases, and certain cancers. In addition, a well-balanced diet of fruits and veggies can help maintain a proper weight.

… to the earth

By purchasing local foods you can positively impact the environment by eliminating the need for additional transportation and fuel consumption. Shopping for organic products also promotes sustainable agriculture practices, because the produce is grown without pesticides or other toxic chemicals.

Common Mistake

Remember that fruits and vegetables may not contain all the required nutrition, especially proteins. Thus incorporate your beloved produce with nuts, grains, and other healthy products. If you are striving to go vegetarian or vegan, consult your doctor or pharmacist for nutritional supplements.

Pick Your Flavor

Make sure to eat a variety of greens and fruits. Most supermarkets and farmers’ markets provide their customers with a wide variety of produce. Have a little fun, try them all! Follow our food calendar for monthly suggestions, or create your own.


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