Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jon and Kate Go Green

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Actually Living TLC(The Learning Channel)

Better Times, Greener Home

KateGreenTo be honest with you, I watch Jon & Kate, Plus 8. But if I’m being super honest, I jumped on board because of all the drama that was flood-gated into the news the past few weeks. All of the drama , and the back and forth with what was going on between the two, made it easy for me to come aboard the craziness that we as a society seems to be attracted to. So because I’m attracted to all of the reality show drama, it gave me the opportunity to check out exactly what all the tabloids were saying about America’s favorite trendy couple. But through my guilty pleasure investigation, I ran across an interesting one-hour episode called “Go Green!”, where if believed, the entire family buys organic food, recycles regularly, and with this episode, they were showed different tips on how to have a more energy home.

To the Rescue

Steve Thomas, the host of Planet Green Renovation Nation helped the Gosselin’s install solar thermal panels and also line their driveway with solar lights. With new eco-gadgets which will help the couple conserve energy and generate power without using the power company’s sources, the Gosselin’s new 34-acre estate has become a wonderful energy efficient home. But was this a simple ploy by the couple to jump aboard a growing trend of green living or are they truly disposing recyclable products properly and maintaining a lifestyle which they try to keep carbon imprints to a minimum given the amount of children they have to monitor?

“A family with eight children could be green in the short term, if they lived at such a low standard of living that they didn’t consume more than a family with two children, or if they existed in extreme poverty — which isn’t an acceptable way of going green,” says Rosamund McDougall, policy director of the U.K.-based Optimum Population Organization. “In the long term, though, it is almost impossible for large families not to increase overall environmental impacts.”
The 8 new carbon footprints definitely are a concern when it comes to the family as a whole, making a great change in environmental green living, but whether the trend holds validity or not, with the popularity of Jon & Kate, the message of green living will be broadcast to millions of viewers!


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