Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Green Technology


Going Green Tech

It is now possible to green your audio system. The world’s first environmentally-friendly speaker systems are now available for purchase. You can jam to your favorite digital songs through these green music systems, and help the environment as well.


Speakers1For those who love both music and the environment, we recommend the cardboard Eco-Speakers which are foldable and portable. These speakers are made from 100% recycled materials and you will not even need batteries for them, as they are powered by your MP3 player or favorite audio source.

Speakers2The Fremont Speakers, made by Escalante Designs, are free-standing cabinet speakers, which also happen to be made of 100% recycled wood board. The product contains no formaldehyde and is finished with a AFM-Safecoat non-toxic paint. The speaker grills incorporate organic cotton and recycled polyesters.

Speakers3The Pioneer S-LX70W Speaker is the only Energy Star rated subwoofer on the market. The is energy efficient as it runs on 90 watts and only 1 watt when in standby mode. This piece of equipment is for true music lovers as it also has a built-in digital amplifier.

MP3 Players

MP3The Baylis Eco Media Player is a wind-up MP3 player that features video playback, a FM radio, voice recorder, text reader, expandable memory, a flashlight, and even a cell phone charger. It is estimated that you can get 15-20 minutes of play after roughly 1 minute of winding.

CellphoneMany people prefer to download and listen to their music on the go with a do-it-all product, like a cell phone. The Motorola Renew is more than just a solar-powered cell phone. It is made out of recycled plastic and it comes with a prepaid envelope for having the phone recycled once you are done with it. The Samsung Reclaim, another new sustainable design, is made from 80 percent recyclable materials.

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