Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Slay the Energy Vampires Away

Vampires in your house!
When you sleep, when you eat, while you are hard at work, vampires lurk in the depths of your home. From morning to night they are sucking you dry. It is called vampire power but to you it is simply wasted money.

Energy vampires are devices that use electricity even when they are turned off.
Together they can account for up to 20 percent of your electric bill.1 You can improve your home’s energy savings by identifying and unplugging your energy vampires.
Americans spend $10 billion per year on vampire energy. If we didn’t waste this energy, we could shut down 30 coal fired power plants and send every American child to a Jonas
Brothers concert.

Did you know that your home entertainment system can cost you up to $75 per year in vampire energy even when it is turned off?

- Use energy-saving features commonly built into most computers.
- Unplug energy sucking appliances when not in use.
- Better yet, plug all your appliances and the chargers for
your mobile phones and other gadgets into a power strip, and
flip the power strip to “off” when not needed. Using a “smart” power strip that
automatically shuts off when the device is inactive makes this even easier for you.
- Consider purchasing a “kill-a-watt” device to measure the energy consumption of
your household appliances and electronics when turned on or off.
-When new appliances are needed, purchase Energy Star Appliances. Energy
Star devices use much less power in the off mode than regular appliances.4
What really bites is that you are the one who is left bleeding as the energy vampires
suck you dry. Stop being bled dry. Slay your vampires by taking these actions to
save energy and money this Halloween!

Ask your mayor to lead the way to an energy-efficient future that creates good green jobs here that are impossible to outsource, support families, and keep money in our pockets.

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