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25 Eco-Gifts for the Holidays

25 Eco-Gifts for the Holidays

Love being green? Love the holidays? Why not do both!

Sierra Club Green Home has compiled a list of 25 Eco-Gifts for the holidays. From wind powered chargers to tree logs that play iPods. Not only are these ideas and gadgets cool, but they’re a great way to decrease your carbon footprint. SCGH is not endorsing these items as we have not tested or inspected them.

____________________________________________________________________ 1. Donate to a good cause


Your option of environmental or preferred organizations is truly endless. Pick an organization that you really believe in or that the receiver of the gift enjoys and make the donation in their name.

2. Hand in Hand serving tools


These serving utensils would make an interesting and a sustainable gift. They are made out of bamboo and come in recyclable packaging.

3. Give the gift of life.


If you are looking for extra ways to decrease your carbon footprint planting a tree might be just the right fit for you. Planting a tree is not only an interactive experience, but it’s a great way to note a special day like a birthday, baby’s first Christmas, or an anniversary. Most tree purchases are made as a donation to non-profit organizations.

4. Organic make-up


Purchase products that are marked cruelty-free (not tested on animals), organic, eco-certified, and made out of recycled content. Also, look for products marked paraben-free. Parabens, similar to phthalates,have been reported by the Food and Drug Administration to cause tumors, hormone malfunction, and other health issues.

5. Recycled jewelry


Recycled jewelry has a unique vibe and it’s environmentally friendly. Recycling and reusing resources like gems, wood, and metal decreases the need to harvest virgin resources.

6. Bike chain bottle openers


If your friend enjoys cycling and hosting parties, then this is an excellent gift. The tops of bottle openers can be customized by logo and color. Who ever said bikes aren’t welcome at the dinner table?

7. Solar powered shaver


We have heard of organic shaving creams and recycled plastic shaving grips. Add a new member to your personal hygiene family, a solar powered shaver. This shaver has all the operating mechanisms of a conventional electric shaver, but it produces its own energy. When not in use, simply lay the shaver on a windowsill and charge away.

8. Eco-Friendly Furniture


Eco-friendly furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Many pieces can be used indoors and outdoors. Sustainable furniture is a unique way to spice up a new room in your home or to give as a present.

9. Recycled Art


Who ever thought that a Frankenstein art piece could be environmentally friendly? This piece is created out of various scrap metals and plastics. If you are looking to purchase something like this, buy from a local artist in person or online. We recommend visiting your local art college or district to inquire about possible sales.

10. Reusable Wrapper Bag


Candy wrappers, metallic juice packs, and chip bags are actually non-recyclable. However, many companies are collected and reusing these wrappers by creating fashionable reusable bags. An excellent example is Terra Cycle.

11. JVC Bonsai Speakers


Good music and good air quality out of the same product, who would have thought? These speakers are sure an interesting conversation piece. Speakers come without vegetation, so feel free to add your favorite plant.

12. Laptop Charger


It’s true, sometimes our office equipment is not as green as it should be. The solar charger is very compact and can be used to charge various small electronic devices.

13. Aero Garden


The Aero Garden gives you the convenience of having fresh herbs all year round just an arm’s reach away. This hydroponic system requires no soil or growth hormones. Seeds and all required accessories are sold together.

14. Hymini Wind Charger


This great little gadget can charge small appliances, similar to the standard mobile laptop charger. Currently, this model is the only wind charger of its kind on the market.

15. Blade tailpipe attachment


This is a great gift those who are striving to reduce their carbon emissions, especially those associated with their vehicles. The Blade is a tailpipe filter that is collects and reduces a vehicle’s CO2 and particle emissions

16. Feel Goodz


Feel Goodz is a company which manufactures 100% natural rubber and 100% recyclable eco-friendly flip flops. Not only that, but these flip flops are biodegradable.

17. Sony’s ODO


These little gadgets are new to the sustainability market. They run by kinetic energy and can be used to charge a variety of devices.

18. The Wood iPod Speaker


This iPod dock is one of a kind. This system is built entirely inside a wooden log. The dock is a great piece that brings the outdoor charm indoors.

19. SuperGreen Longboards


These boards are made out of eco-friendly materials like bamboo. The company states that the bamboo is a better choice for such high action boards because it handles impacts better than the conventional wood. The adhesives associated with the manufacturing process of these boards is low in VOCs.

20. Typewriter Cuffs


What a unique gift? These cuff links are custom made using the old fashioned keys of a type writer. You may choose whatever keys or initials you prefer. This eco-gift is a definite promoter of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

21. Recycled Computer Parts


When recycling computers, many new gadgets can be made from the scrap metals. If you enjoy a contemporary and creative d├ęcor, then you may want to look into recycled computer art. The options are endless; mother boards can be made into picture frames, jewelry boxes, coasters, and much, much more.

22. Keyboard Bag


Ever wonder what happens to a computer keyboard when it gets thrown away? This full functioning red purse is made out of reclaimed keys. An excellent present for a tech geek or an avid environmentalist.

23. Compact Adventure Tool


If you are a big fan of the great outdoors, this is gadget is a must have. It’s very compact device which includes a variety of tools. With this device you will never lose direction or time!

24. Kids Konserve


If your present is going to a child, consider investing in an eco-friendly and healthy lunch pack. Kids Konserve is a company which provides you with BPA-free and renewable products.

25. A Greed Read


If you are looking for a great read and some relaxation time, indulge in an environmentally friendly read. Some of these eco-educational books are even printed with sustainable inks and on recycled paper.

Other Considerations

  • If you are looking to gift an interactive present, consider gifting an experience. Instead of shopping for a material based item give an annual National Park pass, schedule a hike or a tour of a cool spot, etc. This is a great way to spend time with your friends and family!

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