Friday, January 29, 2010

Green Valentine's Day

For the Love of Green

How to show you care in an eco-friendly way


Instead of buying your significant other an overpriced, unrecyclable box of chocolates from the drugstore 30 minutes before your date, why not prepare ahead of time for Valentine’s Day with these eco-friendly gift ideas?

Top Tips

  • Friendly Flowers. Look for fresh, organic flowers from your local farmers market or at your favorite store. Flowers are often imported from other countries that may not have pesticide regulation which can translate to one dangerous bouquet.

  • Fair Trade Chocolate. Buy organically grown, fair trade chocolate; this ensures that companies practice responsible work ethics as well as sustainable production.

Other Considerations

  • Keep them Growing. Instead of buying your Valentine a bouquet of flowers, consider buying potted ones that will last for more than just a week.

  • Dine-In Date. Save some gas and forget about going out to eat. Treat your Valentine to a homemade organic dinner- it’s a little more personal, saves you some money and the Earth.

  • Green Greetings. Instead of buying a Valentine’s Day card, make your own. And if you do end up buying a card, make sure that it is made from recycled material.


…to your health

Buying responsibly grown products means less exposure to potentially harmful pesticides like DDT for and the people that grow them.

…to your wallet

A potted plant that will last many years can cost you less than a dozen red roses. Dining in can also save you since you won’t be spending money on transportation, dinner itself and tips.

…to the Earth

Responsible and sustainable farming of flowers and cacao mean significantly less pesticide run off and contamination of our water, wildlife and ecosystem damage which ultimately gets back to you.

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