Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fight the Foam: Join the Packaging Police

Check out the latest Huffington Post blog from SCGH's Jennifer Schwab

" The large box looked too heavy for my 115 pound frame to carry. "Jennifer Schwab, Sierra Club Green Home" on the label, yep, it was for me, but I hadn't ordered anything large like this??

After cutting open the yards of plastic packing tape, I was appalled to find acres of bubble wrap, then those absolutely impossible Styrofoam "peanuts" which will still be in the landfill 200 years from now. After all this, a nice glass vase from a relative who shall remain unnamed. She means well, and this lovely object d'art did survive the trip, but what do I do with this pile of unsustainable, non-green, mostly not recyclable, plastic and Styrofoam packing materials?

And so it goes for millions and millions of packages, not to mention one of the biggest culprits in this assault on the environment, electronics products. Think about all those big, dense pieces of Styrofoam that are used in almost every electronic product package to secure the ends of the item. Admittedly, they help keep the DVDs, TVs, stereos and computers in one piece. And what about moving? Most of the cardboard boxes can be recycled, but the reams of tapes, peanuts, foam and other packing material usually cannot.

What's a consumer, and for that matter a manufacturer, to do? The answer can be found in some relatively new products and services that entrepreneurs are developing to address these problems."

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